Meet the Owner

A short (well, not so short) "BIO" of the owner...Steve O'Neill


Steve O'Neill was born in the Los Angeles/Hollywood Hills area.  His Grandfather was an Industrial designer, engineer and inventor (Norbert Shaeffer)  One of his MANY designs you'll see are his Zero/Halliburton Luggage/briefcases line.  You see them in films as a bomb or a briefcase full of money, etc. (typically the satin silver with the two sets of double bars on the top and bottom).

In '63/'64 his family moved from Los Angeles to a little town in Arizona where they used to go on weekends to water ski and fish for many years called Lake Havasu City, AZ (population under 200).  Now the Spring Break "Party Capitol". Steve grew up fishing, water skiing, water speed-ski racing, as well as motorcycle racing; desert, european scrambles and motocross (before he graduated High School and after he came home from the Navy). Even his 1st radio gig was there at KFWJ later on.  Even though he was born in LA (which he travels back and forth to) and has lived all over the West Coast for his career, and now resides in Salt Lake City, UT...he still considers Lake Havasu City, AZ. "home", and visits as often as he can (he's one of the "Havasu Pioneers").

After graduating High School, he joined the US Navy, and was stationed on the aircraft carrier; "USS Enterprise" as an aviation hydraulicsman (as his full-time job) and as a Rock DJ for the 7th Fleet Radio Station when out-to-sea (West Pac/end of the Vietnam era) on his off hours.  After his discharge, he decided to go into broadcasting. After studying with the FCC for about a year+, he received his 3rd class endorsed FCC license on June 4th, 1978.  With his '67 Camaro car keys in one hand and a road map in the other...let the career begin! After 20+ years in broadcasting, he decided to start his own production company in 1998 (while still continuing his broadcast career until 2011). He worked as a Creative Services Director, Production Director, and an On-Air Radio Personality (Mornings, Midday's and Afternoon Drive) in numerous markets on the West Coast, including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. 

In 1986 he decided to add "Actor" to his resume and began studying with the Bobby Ball Acting Academy in Phoenix (Los Angeles), and has been a SAG/AFTRA Film and Television actor ever since.  ( Steve is also an International and National voice-over artist.  

Steve O'Neill - Lake Havasu City, AZ - 1978

1967 Camaro SS 350 - Where did my hair go?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Need to be at the Beach!